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I'm on a foreign assignment in Moscow. Recently I was in a lot of pain and I couldn’t stand straight. My back needed urgent mending (protruding disks).

So I went to a Russian neurologist, but she sent me to a Russian neurosurgeon.

The neurosurgeon consulted me but did nothing, leaving me bent and in pain.

The next day I limped back to the neurologist and this time she spoke about injections;

I limped to a Russian manual therapist, but she recommended magnetic and laser treatment to soften the tense muscles, scaring me away with such strange Russian methods –

Finally I found Dr. Gaprindashvili who masterfully fixed my back, making use of acupuncture, manual therapy and my body’s natural healing capacity: no injections, no medication, no painkillers and no silly magnetic or laser therapy.

 Now the pain is gone and I can stand straight again!




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